In the name ofGod the Merciful

This is the word welcome visitors to the website of the University of Sirte to overlook him this university again in record time to the premises of new dedicated from which to do their part optimizing a natural role for any University aspires to contribute and engage in support to move towards development and scientific progress, and able to actively honorable sons of professors and staff the students and residents of the city of Sirte all who cooperated to maintain the property of the university and try to return them better than they were.

This action came after the completion of liberation of the city of Sirte, thanks to God Almighty and the dawn of freedom throughout Libya beloved.

I have rushed to convert the people of Sirte university in this period is not long to face the best and the true image of the University and to be a verse in the sparkle and vitality. The importance of this scientific edifice of this region in particular, which mediates Libya and the Libyan state in general, comes from that place where he composed and grow and develop manpower in all specialties and capabilities to contribute to the construction of civilization and advanced to the state where, as we know that the human element is the most important elements of the pillars of development and progress of any society.

The future role of this university is bound to exceed the role of the educational process any university teaching, but the key role it is to do basic research and applied as it should contribute to solving the problems of scientific and practical in all areas of life Applied and humanity and its results to be concrete on the ground, taking into account commitment to quality standards and to maintain the level of scientific prestigious enjoyed from which graduates place high and the ability to compete, that this site and covered now is the beginning of a loop to communicate to the University with the other and a mirror that reflects what this university first, and to be a gateway to receive feedback and comments from visitors to the site.

We rely too much on what Nstlmh observations of visitors from inside and outside the university, and make observations about what is published Active, and make proposals about what should be included in the site in order to improve and develop towards providing the best and the latest, as will the site to provide answers to inquiries related to the university and will do projects and any statistical data and will put ads of interest to all of these slides.

Therefore, we believethat the visit ofthe sitefrequentlywillbe beneficialto all partiesthat have arelationship withthe universityfor the receiptordeliveryofservicewithin the city ofSirteand beyond.والسلامُ عليكُمْ ورحمَةُ اللهِ وبركاتُهُ